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Need help with your PHP code? Got a bug you just can't seem to fix. Send me an email at [email protected] and I'll see what I can do to help you.
I've decided that as a side project to my current paid project, I'll give heretic121.com a redesign and revamp. Add in some new features and generally have a tidy up. Got some suggestions for things you'd like this website to have? Leave a comment on this blog post ->here<-.
I've been thinking recently that I have so many projects that are half complete. So I'm soon to be starting to complete said projects. This will start with either the continuation, or complete recode, of the BICP code. The BICP is this website's front-line defence against bots, spammers and other nasties. I won't go into a thorough explanation at the moment, but, in time, I will write a post about the different features the BICP contains.
It may be late, but it's 01:50, in the morning, the next day and it's ready to be released. I've put a fair amount of effort into getting this ready on time. I can only apologise for not meeting my 22:00 GMT deadline. So without further delay, you can download a copy of the Directory Listing class from it's homepage ->here<-
I've created the first addon for the Directory Listing class. There are a couple of functions in it but the main aim of the class is mass image conversion. The class will do a recursive directory search of the directory supplied and then convert all images of TypeA to TypeB. Currently the function only supports the four major image formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP) and extended support for other formats is not really on the cards but can be looked into at a later date if enough people request support for more image formats. As for the release date of the main class, it'll be soon. Like 22:00 GMT tonight soon...
I will soon release a class I created a couple of months back. I've had some good feedback from it, and after I used it today I believe it to be good enough to be released to the general public. The PHP class I'm talking about is my Directory Listing class (dirlisting). Believe it or not, it started out as a simple fix for the function scandir() which would return both current directory and the directory above (As representated by . and ..) which I found rather annoying because all I wanted was the files in that directory. Since that simple fix I've been editing it and extending it as my needs changed and now it has a few features. I'll release a list of features closer to the class' release date. When I release the class you'll also have a choice of add-ons, in the form of extended classes. So keep checking back for an update on when this class is to be released.
I'm currently in the process of making a new service for my website which will help website developers/designers. This service will allow you to check the HTML validity of an entire website. There will be more information about it when the service is either near completion or is completed.
I've just made a minor change to the default style so that there is more screen "real estate". Hope you enjoy.
This is just a small update to let people know I have a blog on this website which can be located ->here<-. I haven't posted on it in quite a while because I haven't found anyone that actually enjoys reading musings. However, if one more person comments then I'll feel forced to post another blog update.

Keep this quiet but if I get enough people talking on there I might post the source to an interesting idea I came up with while coding my AI, Michael.
In an attempt to get more user activity I've created a Member's Area, which can be found ->here<-. So far in this area you'll be able to change the stylesheet of the website and save the changes to your account, which'll mean that you'll be able to create and use your own stylesheet if you don't like the default. I'll soon add an ability to submit your 'work' to me so that I can review your stylesheet. If I find it to be of decent enough quality they I may add it as a theme that users can select to use. I'm also planning to install a forum, a free one, which'll allow people to suggest ideas for the website on a whole. If you already have an account here when I install the forum then I'll set it up so that you only have /one/ set of login details so that you don't get confused with it all. That's all for now.
I've recently made a blog post on a website affiliated with Heretech121. This blog post is simply asking people to let me know what they would like to see on this website, including design, structure, and content. The blog post can be found ->here<-. I look forward to any suggestions you can give.
I created a simple URL Checker, which can be found ->here<-. The reason for it's creation is simply because I got fed up of not knowing what these shorten links were actually pointing to. Hope you find it as useful as I have.
I've done a number of updates on the website over the recent months but I've been so busy doing so that I've not updated this page. I've updated the code for the ->MWMEA<-, so I suggest all Mafia Wars players, for Facebook, go and check it out. I've also built a small in-browser game. Now this game is designed, and built, for geeks so to be able to play it you must know what ASCII and Hexadecimal mean. The game can be found ->here<-.
I never did an update about the release of my new SNS (Social Networking Site/Service) It's called Heretech121. All the links you'll need can be found under the 'Heretech121' section at the side.
This website now has ssl enabled, which can be found ->here<-! I'm planning on using the ssl version for the SNS so that you have better protection while using it :) Enjoy peeps!
I've added a little option to the homepage so that you can set what colour the glowy stuff around the title and links are. Look for it near the bottom.
Hey guys, welcome to the new homepage layout.

The entire layout took me an hour or two, from start to completion, which included 3 cups of coffee and 5 cigarettes. So I really do hope you like it.
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